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How I Make Baby Food for Less Than $15 Per Month


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Baby food is expensive. Period. I’m trying to get the hang of making it myself because I have realized it is one of the biggest scams ever. I blogged about it here. I’m still in shock! You would think after four babies I would have realized this and started saving money sooner! Thankfully I figured it out now and not too much later.

Today I made banana + mango baby food puree for $3.89. I made 21 days worth and that comes out to $1.30/week. CHA-CHING, RIGHT?! 21 days of puree would be about $20 at the grocery store and that’s buying on the low end. I’m going to show you how to make it for cheap! With a step by step picture guide to help you along the way. Ready? Let’s go!

You need something to store your baby food. I use small snack bags and then pack them four at a time into the quart sized freezer bag. It helps keep them ultra organized, it’s freezer friendly, and you can write on the front of the bag easily.


I also use these “snack-n-go” cups if I am making a larger batch and I know it’s something my baby looooves to eat. Since she loves anything made with fruit, I’m going big. I also buy the store brand since it saves me a lot of $$. $1.97 for the snack cups, $1 for each box of baggies. Plus, the small cups are reusable! Double win!

Once you have your storage containers you’re going to want something to mark them with so you know what you made and when you made it.

I use these labels from Babies-R-Us. And a Prismacolor marker that I too from my husband’s desk. It’s ultra permanent and does well in the freezer. Before I get started I like to make the labels first. That way I don’t have to worry about wet or dirty hands and I can stick them on the containers without having to worry if they’ll stay stuck. While you’re making your labels have a pot of water set to boil.








baby food homemaking diyGrab your fruit. Peel it. Chop it. Core it. Whatever you need to do to get it prepped before we toss it into the boiling pot.




baby food money management diyHere I’m using mangoes and bananas. I let the fruit sit out from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon. I tried to buy the dingiest bananas my grocer had. The browner they are the sweeter. Same goes for the mangoes. The softer, the sweeter.






baby food diy money savingFinally, when you’re water is boiling show the fruit in and let it boil on medium/high for about 10 to 15 minutes. The softer the fruit is the easier it will be to mush up in the food processor. Don’t let it go too long or it will be mush in your boiling pot!

baby food diy money savingThrow it all in your food processor and blend until super smooth and no noticeable chunks. I set mine on chop and let it run by itself for a few minutes before pulsing it. I bought this awesome food processor at Target, but you can buy it on Amazon.







baby food diy money savingSet your strainer on top of a large bowl and dump your puree into the strainer. This will get any of the big chunks out. Unless your baby is old enough for chunks. Mine is still hanging out in Stage 1 foods and chunks will more than likely trigger a gag reflex.






baby food diy money savingAfter it’s strained you’re going to have a nice, soupy puree!







baby food diy money savingAdd your puree to your storage containers.






baby food diy money saving








baby food diy money savingAnd pop ’em in the freezer. I store my baggies in a large oblong Gladware tub. My freezer is tall and slender, so this long skinny tub is perfect! And the snack cups stack nicely on top of each other!







baby food diy money savingBut, hey. Put ’em where they’ll fit!








baby food diy money savingAnd there you have it! Delicious, homemade baby food that will save your family money, is healthy for your baby, and will last for several months in the freezer! And if you don’t use them all you can always add a little ice and greek yogurt and make a smoothie!




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