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We are, by today’s definition, a large family. We aren’t Duggar large, but we can be a basketball team with one on the bench. To me, that’s large. We’re a family of 6. SIX! That’s a small number by itself, but when it’s a group of people in one house that tiny number seems infinitely bigger.

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Which is why I have to organize my life. In a much bigger way than notifications on my phone. Yes, I still use Google calendar, I set alarms, and I even have my email auto send me reminders. But there’s just something about an analog tool that solidifies my day when I write it all down on paper.

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I’ve always been a free spirit. I’m not grounded in any real way except I’m an adult and I adhere to certain societal expectations. If I’m being honest I fly by the seat of my pants and I’m painfully impulsive.

My planner rescued me from myself and it helps me maintain my “responsible adult” disguise.







This planner (it’s a Happy Planner Classic), not quite the dimensions of a piece of paper, contains the driving force of managing my sizable family: structure. I don’t have any of that. It’s with my planner I am able to make sure everyone is accounted for and we get where we’re supposed to be. In an age of digitized everything, something as simple as a daily planner makes me feel grounded, in control, and on top of things.



budgeting grocery shopping money savingI make grocery list and menu planners to put in it. The best part? It’s a disc system! It looks like a wire bound notebook, but you can take the pages out and put them back in! That’s how I use my meal planner! I can take it out and use it as my grocery list while keeping an eye on my menu and then put it back in so I don’t lose track of meals during the week! You can get your Menu Planner here. It’s free. It prints 8.5×11 but fits in the BIG Happy Planner and the Happy Planner Classic. You can just use it as a printable with no designated place, too. But it works! I feed my family of six with this planner. In fact, this planner saves my family LOTS of money.

meal planner, happy planner, menu
Click this pic to get your FREE menu planner!











I know that phones are easy and accessible. They have fun features like alarms and can send you automated texts and reminders. I use those things, too. But there just something about writing everything down that gives me a sense of normalcy in my chaotic, social networked whirlwind of a life. Taking the time to sit down and plan my day helps me visualize what I need to do and it also helps me to keep my to-do’s on the forefront of my mind. It helps me unplug and gather thoughts.

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Whether you use something official like a Happy Planner or an Erin Condren life planner or just a plain ‘ol piece of paper, going analog with your to-do list will benefit your life.

My planner helps me GET THINGS DONE. And it helps me rock at life.


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