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torah, happy planner, bible study, torah portion

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As we begin to study Torah let us never forget that YESHUA THE MESSIAH (you may know Him as Jesus) is the Living Torah, the Torah-Word of Elohim made flesh. He is the way, the  truth, and the life- the Living Manna sent from heaven. Without Him living in our lives through the indwelling of the Presence of his Set-Apart/Kadosh Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit)-who leads us into all truth and revelation-the Written Torah can become the dead letter of the law! ~HoshanaRabbah

Here we are mid-week and I am LOVING this week’s Torah portion. Noah’s ark is one of my favorite bible stories because it means so much! There’s so much Yeshua in the story of the ark! The Haftorah is Isaiah 54:1-55:5. It’s about YHWH’s tender and everlasting love for Israel. That’s you and me! And it perfectly describes our Redeemer Yeshua!

torah, happy planner, bible study, torah portion“Yeshua is our ark of safety” is something that really stood out to me so far this week. If we stay in Him we won’t have to weather the storms. We’ll be safely tucked away and under His protection. Sure, we’ll feel the rocking of the boat, but it’s nothing like being on the outside. I mean, could you even imagine? It’s nothing like the cute little pictures we see in children’s books. People were dying out there. They were panicking and trying to claw their way onto that ark. When the rains fell think of how many bodies were surrounding the ark? When I think of Noah’s ark it’s gut wrenching to think of all those people left out. And that’s a perfect picture of the end times. It breaks my heart! It’s so important to have a testimony. It’s so important that your life points someone to the Savior. It’s important to let the Word of G-d be continually on your lips. You could help save a life!





G‑d said to Noah, “Come into the ark.” Genesis 7:1


Metaphorically, our personal “arks” are our periods of Torah study and prayer. Just as Noah and his family were protected by the ark from the flood that raged outside it, we can “enter” the worlds of Torah study and prayer in order to be protected from the “flood” of worldly concerns that threatens to inundate us.

It is particularly helpful to immerse ourselves in prayer first thing in the morning. When we confront the world anew each morning, it and everything in it can seem to exist self-sufficiently, as if in no need of G‑d. The morning prayers help us recognize that the world could not exist on its own, and that its purpose is to be made into G‑d’s natural home.

Beginning our day this way helps us to consciously avoid activities that do not further this goal, taking care instead to use every moment as an opportunity to fulfill it. Thus prepared, we can engage in worldly pursuits without fear that they will turn into “raging waters” that overwhelm us with anxiety, stress, and distractions. ~Chabad


I thought that was such wonderful insight I wrote it down and fixed it in my bible so I can read it easily and accessibly. So much wisdom from one verse!

torah, happy planner, bible study, torah portion










torah, happy planner, bible study, torah portion

Study materials I use:

Torah study helps are FREE on my website.

I use the Torah study guide on the Hoshana Rabbah website.

I also use bible tabs I make specifically for Torah study and Haftorah readings.



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