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Do you like makeup but don’t like that makeup feeling?


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I’m all about functionality and practicality. And if I can look cute doing both then it’s the trifecta of perfection! I’m a full time stay at home mom to four kids. My days are spent pretty much indoors (we have one car and my husband uses it for work) and in the comfort of my home. But, I treat my station like a business. I wake up when my husband does (most days), I get dressed, wrap my hair, and put on make-up. BUT I HATE MAKEUP. But I look featureless without it. Seriously. My eyebrows are blonde, I’m fair skinned, and I have a round face. I like makeup that plays up features but doesn’t suffocate my face. I also believe women should be modest in makeup as well. I’ve tried a lot of face makeup. Foundations, BB creme, base, stick, powers, tinted moisturizer, etc. You name it and I’ve probably tried it! And I think I’ve found the answer to affordable, easy, and practical. Perfection, right?!

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I really like Maybelline’s Baby Face Pore eraser!! But, I like the strobing/highlighting trend right now and I don’t like layering makeup. Maybe I have sensitive skin, but I feel like my skin is being “suffocated” if I put too much product on it. And then I touch my face all day. Maybelline’s pore eraser smoothes my skin and I like the light weight feel to it. I don’t need to use a ton, maybe a pea size dollop and it spreads evenly on my face. But I found I was adding a gel highlighter to my makeup on top of blush and for me that’s too much.





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Then I found Maybelline’s Face Studio Master Prime, Blur Plus Illuminate. AND IT HAS SPF!! The shine is subtle and it’s a great foundation for anything else you use on your face. I don’t use base, but I use a gel blush that goes on magically after the primer. It’s affordable — about $7.50 and I use it every day. I’ve been using it for about six weeks now and still have a ways to go before I get to the bottom.








make up, fashion, modestyThis is my every day look. A primer, brow pencil and gel, light blush, a mascara, and a lip gloss. A perfect look that gives me confidence, not acne. It’s simple, affordable, practical, and easy. What momma doesn’t need a little more of that?










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