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I’m a member of several modesty groups on Facebook and one of the common gripes I hear is “I can’t find modest clothes”. Sometimes I think it’s a lie we women tell ourselves so we can please our flesh (or someone else’s!). Y’all, modest fashion is so easy to come by! I love love love thrifting! It’s inexpensive, fun, and a great way to save your household money. (I’m a family of 6 and need all the savings I can get!) But I know how tedious it is to pick through the racks at the local Goodwill, Family Thrift Center, or Salvation Army. It’s a task! Especially if you have kids in tow!!

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One of my favorite places to buy modest clothing is Amazon! I just type “modest fashion” ,”modest shirt”, “modest dress”, etc. into the search bar and I get a bunch of results. Basically you can type “modest” in front of whatever item you want to buy and you’ll get results. I refine my search to Prime only so I can get that free 2 day shipping!

Today in my video I’m showing y’all my Amazon haul. It’s a dress¬†and a maxi length cami. The price of the dress went up to $17.99, but I got it for $12.99. Watch those prices because they DO fluctuate! I paid about $28 for both items. The dress is a basic black dress that I can dress up or wear as-is around the house. It’s long and has long sleeves. The neckline is a slight V shape. If it goes below my collar bones I’ll wear my Kosher Casual half shell underneath it. I use this infographic below as my modesty guide.

modesty, modest fashion, moneyIt’s based on Jewish modesty aka Tzniut. Some of the guidelines are biblical and some are rabbinical, but either way it’s a good guideline for me. And ladies, modesty does not have to be frumpy! I think so many women picture little old ladies when they think of modest clothing, but modest clothing is chic and very fashionable! If you look up “hijabi fashion” on Pinterest it’s anything but frump! A lot of it is high-end.






Enjoy the video and below are the links to the items I bought. Many blessings!



Kosher Casual half shell in black

Casual long maxi dress with pockets

Open long cardigan (midi length)





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