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retinol, face mask, dollar store

retinol, face mask, dollar storeI found these at Dollar Tree today and thought I would try them. I recognized the brand, but couldn’t put my finger on it so I bought them anyway. I mean, it’s a dollar, right?

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Well, sure enough you can buy these on Amazon.  It’s a pack of 5 for $10.79 with Prime shipping. My dollar tree ones came in a pack of 2. That’s a hefty bit of savings!





retinol, face mask, dollar store









retinol, face mask, dollar store



This is my “before” pic. I don’t think I have “bad” skin. It’s not great skin, but I don’t have a lot of breakouts, blackheads, or discoloration. My skin does get flaky and I have fine lines (I turned 35 this year!). I don’t use anything on my skin except SPF lotion and a primer. Right now I’m loving NYX Angel Veil! You can use it before you put on foundation, but I use it by itself since I don’t wear foundation regularly.























retinol, face mask, dollar store






And here is THE MASK! I’ve never tried a mask like this and was kind of grossed out by how wet and cold it was. It took me a while (after this picture, obviously) to get the mask situated. That wasn’t the manufacturer’s fault. I’m a n00b with this stuff so it took A LOT of adjusting.  You leave it on for 15 minutes and after you remove it you rinse your face and wash away any remaining liquid (so you don’t have an allergic reaction per the back of the box). I was half expecting my skin to tingle or sting and I felt nothing the entire time. After rising off the goo, my skin felt WONDERFUL!



















retinol, face mask, dollar store







I’m not sure if you can see a difference, but I can definitely feel one! My skin is silky smooth and it feels a bit tighter. I’m hoping it’s not going to dry me out, but I’ll put some lotion on before bed.


Overall, I highly recommend these face masks! I especially like that I didn’t have to rinse off dried up cream. I don’t like using clay face masks. At. all. I always get some stuck in my hair line and around my nostrils and in the creases by my nose. This was a huge relief! Definitely worth the money. In fact, I’ll probably go back tomorrow and pick up a few more boxes!



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