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tanakh, jewish, faith, bible, old testament

Before anyone freaks out I still “believe in” Jesus, Yeshua, our Messiah. And I still think the New Testament is an important (and inspired!) part of our bible! However, I am trying to declutter my theology and what better way than to start in the beginning? After all, one cannot understand the new without first coming to an understanding of the old.

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tanakh, jewish, faith, bible, old testamentI ordered this beautiful TANAKH from Amazon. It was a steal compared to the almost $18 plus copy at Barnes and Noble. It’s a Prime eligible purchase so on top of savings you also get the two day shipping. I didn’t because my local post office sent it back to San Antonio before delivering it to me and I had to wait three extra days. But it was worth it because it’s a beautiful book! It’s soft and supple faux leather cover moves well when I flip through it. I broke the spine in a bit so it would sit a little flatter when I opened Genesis. It lays really well when you get towards the end of the Torah, but in Genesis I kept having to sit something on the pages.



tanakh, jewish, faith, bible, old testament
It is a Hebrew-English version and you read it from right to left. The pages are your standard onion skin paper and the font is pleasing. It’s also a bit larger than I expected. In fact, the entire bible was a bit larger than I had anticipated and I was pleasantly surprised. This translation doesn’t use the transliterated Hebrew words in the English portion. That’s something I favor, but I know a lot of people prefer the other. The is the newest JPS translation and in the beginning there is a list of what was changed or modified/edited.





tanakh, jewish, faith, bible, old testament





























tanakh, jewish, faith, bible, old testamentI also bought some Illustrated Faith bible tabs. The pack comes with both Old Testament and New Testament stickers in case you want them for your bible. I love pretty much anything Illustrated Faith and I got these for about 11.00 with Prime shipping. Click on the pic below and you will be redirected to Amazon!





What got me wanting to buy a TANAKH and really dive into the Old Testament were the videos recently put out by Beit Tefillah rejecting the Messiah. It’s heart breaking to think that there are those out there who are rejecting the One that led them to the Truth to begin with. However, it did get me thinking about my own beliefs and my own theology. I realized that it was time for me to unmuddy the waters. And that needs to happen starting from the beginning. I find that if I am reading from my TLV bible, I often just go right on over to the New Testament and don’t spend a lot of time dedicated purely to the study of the TANAKH. I decided to remedy that problem by buying a bible that wouldn’t have those pages in there so I wouldn’t be tempted!

I also want to learn about my Messiah. I want to know about Him in a way that isn’t blurred by commentary. And if you think about it, Paul and the others are a sort of commentary. I want to know Him in his truest form: the Word. After I study the OT for a while I will take down my NT and study Him as the Word made flesh. It’s important we know where we came from so that we can see where we’re going. There’s nothing wrong with putting something on hold so that you can study something else for a better understanding. Remember: learning is half the battle.


Many blessings!


Want a TANAKH?? You can get yours here:       Just click the pic and you will be redirected to Amazon!





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