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2017 Edition

Whether you (or perhaps someone you know) deck the halls, light the menorah, or choose to forgo altogether (maybe buy yourself a little something??) there’s a gift on this list for you or that special someone!

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1. Pocket Size Women’s Siddur Ohei Sara Ashkenaz The Klein Edition: Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Feuer.  I bought this a few days ago and I have to say it has quickly become my favorite book! It’s small so I can keep it handy and it’s for women. It has TONS of information about women, for women, and how women ought (and ought not) to pray. It has a wonderfully supportive pro-woman voice that resonates with the working or stay at home mother. This book has enriched my prayer life and strengthened my faith! It’s my prayer that if you buy one it does the same for you or the one you gift it to!


2. Pocket Tehillim with English (Flexi cover): Yosef B Marcus, Nissan Mangel, Eliyahu Touger. I own this and use it ALL. THE. TIME. It’s a small book of Psalms that is an excellent addition to your Judaica library. I keep mine in my purse because praying the Psalms has healed me in indescribable ways!


If you aren’t looking for one of the Jewish/Hebrew persuasion you can pick this one up. It’s The Book of Psalms: For Creative Journaling: Ellie Claire. It’s a King James Version with space on the sides to journal, take notes, or write prayers. It has thick, creamy pages– perfect for those of you who love to color and create in your bibles!


3. Coming in second to my favorite translation of all time (the KJV) is the Tree of Life Bible or known as the TLV. It’s my absolute favorite bible for reading, note taking, and quoting! It has a decidedly Jewish voice and for me it was the best of both CJB and TS2009. I didn’t really care for either translation and the TLV captured my heart the instant I began reading it! If you’re looking for something a little more “authentic” I suggest the JPS Tanakh. Available in Imitation Leather full size or the pocket edition or the paper back




4. gift, giving, driven day planner, plannerOne of the coolest planners to drop this year is the Driven Day Planner. It is functional, made well, and independently run. If you’re into supporting those that work for themselves and that offer exceptional products you would do well in ordering this planner! Included in the weekly feature is Shabbos prep! It includes the holy days with prep lists/checklists. Grab one for yourself or give one as a gift (or both)!





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5. Grace N Genevieve Homemade Vegan Lotion is top notch, top quality, and all natural. Using all natural ingredients, this product is perfect for this gift giving season. You won’t have to worry if the recipient will have an adverse reaction or if that skin condition might flair up if they use it. Grace + Genevieve was formulated to combat eczema! Handcrafted, homemade, natural lotions, soaps, and even cotton washcloths make a great gift for that health conscious someone! A wonderful way to support small business and gift a quality product.








 6. MAMBI Happy Planner is the perfect gift for that person that keeps meaning to get around to this or that but can’t seem to quite organize their time to do so. It’s also a great gift for the ultra organized person in your life because they’re sure to appreciate any organizational support you give them! This is my favorite planner and the disc system makes it easy to accessorize, utilize, and transport. There are so many different designs, styles, and sizes that you’re sure to find the right one! Make sure that if you buy one from Michaels or Hobby Lobby you get that 40-50% off coupon for some extra savings! (I’m also giving one away! )




7. Kindle Fire TabletMy favorite eReader OF ALL TIME. I own one, my husband owns one, and each of my kids own one (3 of my 4!). Books, video, audiobooks, music, internetting, and so much more can be done on these things! They’re small and thin so you can transport them anywhere and everywhere. You don’t need a ton of memory (although they have them with a high gig count) because you can store your stuff in Amazon’s cloud! I take my Kindle with me everywhere. It goes with me on road trips, vacations, appointments, car rides, and to bed. If you or someone you know likes to take their libraries with them this will make the perfect gift!



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8. Chayenu Daily Torah Study subscription. Y’all, this is THE BEST Torah study publication around! You can subscribe to digital, digital + print, or print only. I have the print and I signed up for the monthly $14.00 price. You get two books per shipment and they get them to you on time before the next week’s torah portion! This is the perfect gift for the studious person in your life or perhaps someone that travels or is super busy that needs easy access. This is the gift!

“As a subscriber of CHAYENU I am thrilled to finally have a weekly study guide. On the road traveling often and constantly on the go, CHAYENU has provided me an easy way to learn. Written in English that is perfect for the beginner to the more advanced. I strongly recommend CHAYENU to anyone looking for that one booklet to assist you with your personal growth in Torah Study”




9. 82 Days Women’s Round Hem Jersey Dress with Side PocketsNo joke, I own this dress in 4 different colors. It is my FAVORITE dress to wear because it’s modest, comfortable, and can be worn around the house or dressed up to wear to something special. It washes well, keeps its shape, and is flattering. It makes a great gift for that fashionable person in your life and is a safe bet because it’s classic. It’s also super affordable at under $20!


10. Fidget Dodecagon 12 Sided Fidget CubeSay WHAAATTT?! Yup. A dodecagon 12 sided fidget cube. Perhaps you’re wondering why I have this on my ULTIMATE gift giving guide. I promise you there is a reason! I own this thing and it is a lifesaver!!! I am an overly anxious fidgety kind of person. I’m the one constantly clicking pens, tapping on table tops, or tapping my feet. This thing has saved my sanity and I’m pretty sure the sanity of those around me. It is the perfect gift for someone at the office, a spouse, or even a child. Now I watch movies in peace and my family appreciates that. I’m sure your co-workers would, too.

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