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must haves, mom bag, purse, fashion, modesty, essentials

must haves, mom bag, purse, fashion, modesty, essentials

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I try not to carry too much in my purse (Steve Madded Blulu bag), although that can be a miracle because I have 4 tiny people constantly throwing things in it! However, there are 10 essentials in my “mom bag” that I don’t leave home without.

  1. Hijab pins They are an essential to any head covering mama!
  2. Gold Bond hand cream This is my favorite hand lotion! I get dry skin at random times of the year and this lotion is the perfect thing to keep handy in my bag. It works great on kids, too!
  3. Viva la Juicy rollerball perfume I love love LOVE the rollerball version of this perfume! It doesn’t fog my kids out in the car when I apply it and it’s small enough to transport in my makeup bag!
  4. Too Faced “Nude Beach” La Creme lipstick This is my favorite brand of lipstick in my favorite color! I love a lipstick that I can wear without wearing any makeup on my face. I can wear this everyday and it keeps my lips soft! Seriously, this lipstick is what’s up!
  5. Honest Diapers These are the best diapers. EVER. And I carry one with me at all times. My 7mo sleeps for about 14 hours during the night and not once have we sprung a leak!! Plus they have super cute designs!!
  6. Boogie wipes  These wipes are the holy grail of wipees. They are soft, natural saline wet tissues that even the most sensitive of noses will appreciate. I’ve been using these wipes going on 4 kids now– seriously, these are a big hit in our house and something I ALWAYS keep on hand!
  7. LG X screen I love my phone. It is my lifeline to so many! It’s also my e-reader, laptop, and iPod.
  8. Happy Planner mini This is the best planner system in the galaxy. I use a classic size Happy Planner at home and use the mini in my purse. Even though I schedule my day in my phone, there’s something about physically writing something down that solidifies it in my mind. The disc system is perfect for you mamas on the go!
  9. Pilot Varsity Fountain Pens I mostly use fountain pens when I write and they can be $$$$! So what better way to carry around something I love?? Use a disposable of course! There’s something about analog tools that make me happy. The Pilot varsity is (in my opinion) the best disposable fountain pen on the market! And the bright colors are even better!
  10. Champagne Dreams gourmet gummy bears I am a lover of champagne, but because of 4 kids I don’t indulge often. These gourmet gummy bears are DELICIOUS, fat free, and non-alcoholic which means that I can enjoy and drive! They’re a perfect snack when you’re on the go!

**You can find all of these items on Amazon and get free shipping if you’re a Prime member!! And don’t forget to check out December’s must haves for him AND her!


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