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Fam, how YOU doing’? How’s your new year going? More importantly, how’s your walk? Where are you with the Creator? I get asked ALL THE TIME on Instagram what those books are I keep posting. I get asked about what I read, how I study, and how do I fit all that in to a busy day with four kids. Girl, I got you covered!

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bible study, bible study for women, faith and inspiration, self care, bible study tips, bible study for beginners, bible study plans, bible study inspiration, essentials, curated list, study


First and foremost, I don’t stress myself out. My first obligation is to my husband and then my kids. If I “skip” a day I don’t beat myself up about it. I just wake up tomorrow with intent. And that can look very different depending on the hour, the day, the year, well, you get it. If you’re reading this because your spiritual fitness is something you’re working on in 2018 also keep reading!

I always try to keep my prayer life on point. I love speaking to my Creator and I have a lot of peace in my life because of it. My women’s siddur is extremely useful in this area. It’s beautifully written and there’s something about it that just speaks to the depths of my soul.









My second favorite thing are the Psalms. They comfort me. They’re where I turn if my prayers just aren’t coming out right or if my mind is jumbled. I know I can read the psalms and pray them and all is well with my soul. I use a pocket Tehlillim. It’s english on one side and hebrew on the other. It’s also set up so that you can read according to the weekly reading plan. If you’re ambitious you can essentially read the entire book of Psalms each week!









Next is my Kehot Chumash. It’s the Torah with commentary. Warning: it’s rabbinical writing commentary, so if you don’t believe/follow/agree with that sort of thing, this isn’t the book for you. BUT, it gives me wonderful insight into G-d’s word and I love reading it. It’s broken up into reading plans so it’s only a little bit each day. By the end of the week you’ve read the entire Torah portion + Haftorah! If it is something you’ve been wanting to read I suggest the Kehot Chumash. Artscroll has some beautiful ones, too. Shop around and you can get a great Chumash for a great price!










A great translation that I have come to adore is the TLV (Tree of Life Version). It makes sense, has a decidedly Jewish voice, and I can read it without too much confusion. I highly recommend this bible! It’s also super affordable for a beautiful leather copy! I try hard to get into this daily, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. They also just released a large print personal size reference edition! You can grab one on Amazon, too! Just click the pic below and you’ll see it listed as an option! They range about $20 to $25 dollars each and are made extremely well. Plus, Prime shipping!











Chayenu sub!!!! Y’all don’t know what your bible study is missing until you pick up one of these!!!

chayenu, subscription, gift, gifts, gift giving, study, torah

I have a Chayenu subscription that is MY FAVORITE THING EVER! It’s something that keeps me on track with my reading and study because it has everything I need in one booklet. It’s Chumash, Tanya, HaYom, Haftorah, Talmud, etc etc etc all in one booklet. It’s learning of the daily Torah study cycles (of Chumash, Rambam and more) in a practical, convenient and portable format. Chayenu achieves this by publishing and distributing a weekly English-Hebrew Torah study magazine– that’s all I need! If I didn’t get anything else I would only get this. $14/mo for a paper sub and $5/mo for the PDF app version. Get yours at Chayenu.org

A few other things I use are the Uniball Signo RT pen and the Mildliner Highlighter. They don’t bleed through onion skin paper, last forever, and are perfect for note taking!! They are THE BEST bible study essentials out there!















You can check out this post for more insight on my bible study essentials!



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