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kosher food, clean eating, kosher eating, kosher kitchen, orthodox jew, orthodox judaism, rabbinical law, torah,

Going kosher without going crazy.

Keeping kosher is something that has been a goal of mine for some time now. And I never expected it to be this easy! But it seemed daunting and stressful and myself told myself it was “impossible”. We have a kosher market at our Chabad center in the city where I live. They recently cleaned out their entire stock of food helping hurricane victims (B”H!!) and their supplies were depleted. Of course this is when myself decides it’s time to go “all the way kosher”. So, I took it as a sign it wasn’t the right time.

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But when is it? It’s up to yourself, I guess. See, all kosher food is kashrut, but not all kashrut food is kosher. So, if you’re eating biblically “clean” you’re doing a wonderful mitzvot!! But myself was convicted to eat kosher and it was tugging at my heart. I would fry up turkey sausage, but it was lacking that little “u” or that wonky “k” and while I knew I wasn’t violating my Torah, something wasn’t sitting well in my soul. And so I told myself it was time to just do it. No excuses.

Turns out, a lot of food in my regular ‘ol grocery store is “kosher”. But bring a magnifying glass because those symbols are near microscopic!! And I didn’t spend any more money than I usually do (although I did buy 6 new plates…) and I spent a lot more time reading, and searching, and finding. And I accomplished an amazing feat: every piece of food I bought was “kosher” or “pareve”! I also used this amazing app “cRc Kosher Guide” and it was free on my phone.

I’m really glad I am on my way to a “kosher kitchen”. I feel safer and healthier and most of all, I feel as though I have honored a conviction! Praise G-d for provision in a place with a small Orthodox community.

So, here’s a handy dandy infographic I made that pretty much sums up how I managed to get all of my kosher groceries at one stop. I’ll still shop at my Chabad center (because I want to support them and believe in what they’re doing), but I’m a family of 6 and don’t want to deplete them of their stores! So, if you are also wanting to go kosher, but don’t want to go crazy doing it, just know that it can be done!


kosher food, clean eating, kosher eating, kosher kitchen, orthodox jew, orthodox judaism, rabbinical law, torah,

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