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Head Covering Essentials

  When I first started covering my hair it seemed overwhelming and intimidating. Not to mention every site I went to was trying to sell me something instead of tell me something. While I would **LOVE** for you to shop on Amazon (I’m an affiliate and make a percentage for every purchase), I will tell…

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Protected: Curated Collection: Get the Look

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The AHW’s Bible Study Essentials

I love Love LOVE to study G-d’s Word. It is something that has transformed my life and it brings me no greater joy! I’ve tried ’em all and here is a list of essentials that every bible scholar needs! There are many study aids out there, but these are my top favorites that I always…

15 Ways to Conquer Your Morning Routine

What better way to slay than to conquer your morning routine with these 15 awesome products?! I use them myself and wanted to share! All of these items are sold through my affiliate Amazon and most if not all are Prime eligible! Happy shopping! (Click the pic to view it in Amazon!)   1. 2. 3.…

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What to Wear Right Now

Like, right now right now.     So, the top two pics are obviously designer. And who has money for that?? Not this single income family of 6. BUT, by the power of Amazon I have got what you (and I) need to get this look!!  ARJOSA Women’s Oversize Knitted Sweater ($22.98 and Prime eligible!) pairs…

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Protected: Get Rid of “Hijab Hair” Quick

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5 Must Haves for When You’re Running Late

  We’ve all been there. You wake up with only a few minutes to spare after you’ve slept through your alarm (or perhaps you even forgot to set one!). Don’t worry– we’ve got your back! Here are some great things to have just in case you’ve got no time! NYX Angel Veil face primer This is…

Protected: Curated Collection: Ring in the New Year in Style

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How to Own Your Next Shopping Trip

Want to own that next shopping trip? Here’s another curated list of some of my fave (modest) pieces from my favorite shops. Perfect for ringing in the new year and carrying you well into 2018 and you don’t even have to leave your house! (Links below!)     Andria Dress by Apostolic Clothing 82 Days…

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Create a Modest Look in Minutes

There are people are out there telling us that makeup is immodest. As someone who advocates, practices, and promotes modesty, I don’t think that’s the case. True, an overdone face can attract unnecessary attention and even change what you look like completely, but I see nothing scripturally wrong with enhancing our beauty. We’re to protect…

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