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Week of October 15-October 21

Parashat Noach and Haftorah Isaiah 54:1-55:5 {Printable bible tabs that correspond with this week’s readings.} Don’t forget to download this week’s study help! –Click the pic to download the pdf–

torah portion printable bible journaling bible study

In the Beginning

This week began a new Torah cycle. Here we are at the beginning. We find ourselves back at Genesis 1:1. We find ourselves in the beginning. This week we read about the creation of the world and the fall of man. We uncovered sin, how it began and the penalties of it. We read about…

bible tabs

Quick Guide to Bible Tab Devotionals

I love word studies. They are versatile, personal, and flexible! You can sit down and study each word on your list or you can keep your list handy and as the topics come up you can study them then. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do a word study!          …

happy planner printable bible study guide

Own Your Bible Study

I love writing down verses that jump out at me during bible study! And I love writing down their significance so I can reflect on them later. I made these simple yet handy bible verse Happy Planner inserts to help me with my bible study, but I’m sharing them so they can help you own…

printable bible study guide torah portion

Torah Portions: Synching With Israel

Have you downloaded your Parshat Noach (Torah portion)┬áprintables for next week? You can print them and cut along the border to fit in a classic size Happy Planner, or you can print 8.5×11 and punch holes to fit in a standard 3 ring binder or large Happy Planner. Each printable has the portion for the…

Unorganized Scripture Study? Here’s How To Fix It!

{Free Torah Portions Printables}   I made some some inserts for my Happy Planner (classic edition) and wanted to share them! I like to have my bible study materials and my planner both in the same spot. It reduces the amount of stuff I have to carry around and it’s all in one convenient location.…

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