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How to Make a Natural Look Amazing in 7 Days

I made a natural face serum (to go with my natural look) a few weeks ago and my skin is looking A M A Z I N G !!!!!! Seriously, it’s soft, breakout free, and discoloration is at a minimum. Scars are less visible, pores are a bit smaller, and I have a healthy glow…

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Simple Ways to Improve Your Skin

A PM skincare routine that will get you guaranteed results!       Something I never neglect is my skin. Maybe because my mother has endured several bouts of skin cancer or because I don’t wear foundation/base and I’m hyper aware of blemishes and discolorations– who knows? I just enjoy taking care of it. I…

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Head Covering Essentials

  When I first started covering my hair it seemed overwhelming and intimidating. Not to mention every site I went to was trying to sell me something instead of tell me something. While I would **LOVE** for you to shop on Amazon (I’m an affiliate and make a percentage for every purchase), I will tell…

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Create a Modest Look in Minutes

There are people are out there telling us that makeup is immodest. As someone who advocates, practices, and promotes modesty, I don’t think that’s the case. True, an overdone face can attract unnecessary attention and even change what you look like completely, but I see nothing scripturally wrong with enhancing our beauty. We’re to protect…

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Twisted Faux Turban Tutorial

Nothing like a faux turban because I literally cannot tie a turban. At all. Here’s an easy peasy wrap that’s perfect for around the house or out and about. Enjoy!  

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