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Scripture Jars: Lech-Lecah Printable

Available for free download are printable scripture jars that coincide with this week’s Torah portion.   They’re perfect for bible journaling, devotionals, and sticking wherever you need a reminder! I hope these can be a blessing to you! Enjoy! (Click the pic below to get your free printable!)              …

scripture, prayer jar, printable, bible journaling, bible study

Scripture Jars for A Mother’s Devotional

My Relationship to G-d Through Prayer Scripture is effective! It’s life changing! And getting creative with your bible study is extremely beneficial!   I loooooove bible journaling! It immerses me in what I’m studying by forcing me to concentrate for long periods of time. And because I learn better when my hands are moving, it’s…

devotional, bible study, free printable

A Mother’s Devotional

Our relationship to G-d through prayer is extremely important as mothers and even more important as believers.   Here’s the bible study I’ve been doing. Mostly on Wednesdays because that seems to be my most stressful day of the week. This one is the first of several in “Your Relationship With G-d” and the topic…

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Parashat Lech-Lecha Printable

October 22-October 28     It’s that time! Here are next week’s Torah portions printables, tabs, and study helps!       Torah portion with B’rit Chadashah Page 1                 SaveSaveTorah portion with the B’rit Chadashah Page 2                 Torah portion…

Torah Portion Midweek Update

As we begin to study Torah let us never forget that YESHUA THE MESSIAH (you may know Him as Jesus) is the Living Torah, the Torah-Word of Elohim made flesh. He is the way, the  truth, and the life- the Living Manna sent from heaven. Without Him living in our lives through the indwelling of…

noach bible study bible journaling printable bible tabs

Week of October 15-October 21

Parashat Noach and Haftorah Isaiah 54:1-55:5 {Printable bible tabs that correspond with this week’s readings.} Don’t forget to download this week’s study help! –Click the pic to download the pdf–

torah portion printable bible journaling bible study

In the Beginning

This week began a new Torah cycle. Here we are at the beginning. We find ourselves back at Genesis 1:1. We find ourselves in the beginning. This week we read about the creation of the world and the fall of man. We uncovered sin, how it began and the penalties of it. We read about…

bible tabs

Quick Guide to Bible Tab Devotionals

I love word studies. They are versatile, personal, and flexible! You can sit down and study each word on your list or you can keep your list handy and as the topics come up you can study them then. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do a word study!          …

bible tabs devotional thanksgiving bible study journaling

Thanksgiving: A Bible Tabs Devotional

Word studies are an important part of bible study. Every word that proceeds from the mouth of our G-d is of utmost importance! Word studies are important because we need to know what G-d means when He uses certain words or brings up certain topics. Nothing in our bible is arbitrary. I’m doing a Thanksgiving…

happy planner printable bible study guide

Own Your Bible Study

I love writing down verses that jump out at me during bible study! And I love writing down their significance so I can reflect on them later. I made these simple yet handy bible verse Happy Planner inserts to help me with my bible study, but I’m sharing them so they can help you own…

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