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Don’t Start Your Weekend Without These 5 Things!

  Don’t start your weekend without these 5 things! (If you’re a Shabbat keeper don’t end your weekend without these 5 things!) They’re locked and loaded in my shopping cart/bag and I’m going to click “buy now” as soon as the sun sets on Shabbat! Enjoy!     I still can’t get over this rose…

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Parshat Vaylgash

Parshat Vaylgash is available for download. Just click the pic and a PDF will open in a separate window. Enjoy! Still need this week’s? Get it here. I get my Torah cycle here.                                            …

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Free Parshat Vayishlach Download

November 26 through December 2   Click the pics below to get your **free** PDF download for next week’s Parshat Vayishlach! You can get other freebies here. {Want to know what I use for my own personal bible study? I use a TLV bible, siddur, and Tehillim.} All three are available for Prime shipping! You…

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My Sunday at Chabad

I’m growing weary of the Messianic banter. It’s tiring and there isn’t really any growth. It’s stagnant bickering and from what I’ve witnessed there are rampant groups of people being “blown all over by every wind of teaching”. People are debating the Sabbath times, the holy days, the new moon, the calendar, the extra biblical…

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Parshat Toldot Printable and Torah Portion

                                      Torah portion: Genesis 25:19-28:9 Haftorah: Malachi 1:1-2:7; 1 Samuel 20: 18-42   Get last week’s portions here. Where do I get my Torah portions? I get them here! SaveSave

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Roadtripping as a Family of Six

Want something that will save your sanity? Audiobooks. No, really. Audiobooks. My kids LOVE them. But usually when we are road tripping they are on some sort of a device whether it be an iPad, kindle, or Nintendo DS. So it’s just my husband and me. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy to…

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November Torah Portions

Chayei Sarah: November 5 though November 11 Hey, everyone! I’ll be out of town until the beginning of next week so I wanted to make next week’s torah portion study help available ASAP. There aren’t any tabs or scripture jars this week, but we’ll be back on track for the next one!      …

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Sabbath Prep at Los Ibanez

Remember, Sabbath is all about resting in Him! You don’t have to prep all in one day! Take time each day during the week to prepare yourself to enter into His rest on Shabbat! Land of Honey has 20 excellent tips on how to prepare for Shabbat. Check them out! Torah Sisters has some wonderful…

How I Make Challah Bread for Shabbat

  All you need to make DELICIOUS challah bread is: A bread machine for mixing dough. Or a mixer. Or your hands. **pre-heat oven to 375** 4.25C flour 2t salt 2T oil (So far I have used canola, coconut, sunflower, and olive oils. All variations have turned out deliciously!) 1/4C honey 1 packet of yeast.…

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Torah Portions Printables: Vayeira

This week’s portions printables are ready for download!     Click on the pics below to download your free printables for next week!                                                                …

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